Sep 12, 2017

How To Get a Free Domain Name

Hello! Welcome to Guide Tricks tutorial Today, in this post I’m going to explain How To Get a Free Domain Name for your website or any online company for free. from free website, Getting free domain is very easy & you do not have to pay any single penny.
Freenom is a company which provides free domain for everyone who wants to start their online business without paying any single penny as well as it also provides Paid domains you can also buy without any trouble by this process which i am going to scale out.

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This is very simple process to get a free domain and i know the topic “How To Get a Free Domain Name” for your website is very famous all over the internet.

    1)   first, go to this Freeom’s Login Page , if you have an account then login in from this link or create an account from this link.


    2)   Now, go to this Freenom Domain Name Registration Page & enter your website name as shown in below image.

     3)   Now click on check availability and you’ll find a new page will appear as below image in which free domains are listed at the top and paid are at the bottom of the page.

    4)   Click get it now at any domain which you want and after that click on checkout button at the top it will appear randomly.

   5)   A new page will appear in which you have to choose duration of the domain and ‘Name servers’ for your domain as i have chosen 12 months and & as my ‘name servers’ you can also find your hosting website’s ‘name server’ from Google (respective) after that you can insert it where i have inserted it.

    6)   Now click on continue.
   7)   A new page will appear in which you have to fill the whole form after filling it make sure you make a tick on “I have read terms & conditions” then click on “Complete Order”.

       8)   Now you have done in next page you’ll get a message saying that “Order Confirmation” which means your domain has been successfully activated.

         9)   Now click on go to client area.

10) After visiting client area choose “My Domains” from dropdown menu of “Services”

11) Now, you’ll find your all domains lists like i’m having.

12) That’s it you are done. You can manage your domain from that page.

So, this was all about How To Get a Free Domain Name for your website. For more SEO or blogging tips and tricks Subscribe GuideTricks and make sure that you share this post with your blogger friends. Thank You keep visiting.

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