Sep 14, 2017

Free School Management System (php source code projects)

School Management System
Submitted by:
Abba Gana

This file will provide you with a brief description of SMS and instructions
on how to install SMS.

Since it's development in 2003, SMS has successfully offered educational organizations
an easy to use and effective facility to manage courses, teachers, and students.
SMS provides the following features:

- Support for profile based management: Administrator, Teacher, and Student
- Online teacher and student registration
- Allow admin to add courses
- Allow admin to add students and enroll them to one or more courses
- Allow admin to edit students already entered into the database
- Allow admin to edit courses already entered into the database
- Allow teachers to manage student attendance
- Allow teachers to display graphically course attendance and feedback
- Allow students to check their enrollment and provide feedback for a course

Features to implement:

- Allow admin to perform sanity checks on the database
- Allow students/admin to withdraw from an enrolled course

From a technical perspective, SMS is based on PHP5 and requires a MySQL database. This
demonstration site has been tested on:

openSUSE 11.4 with
- Apache 2.2.17 (
- PHP 5.3.6 (
- MySQL 5.5.13 (


Windows Seven 32 bits with
- WampServer 2.1 ( or
- XAMPP 1.7.4 (

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In order to install SMS, please use the following instructions:

1. Download Portal:

You need also a properly configured http server (e.g. Apache) capable
of running php code and a MySQL server. On Windows OSs the recommended
approach is to use WampServer or XAMPP.

2. Extract Portal:
Now that you have a zip file, you need to extract it a directory in the
path of your web server root (or have an alias setup). For example, if
you have a public_home folder you could extract there SMS archive.

3. MySQL Server Database Setup:
For security reasons, you need a 'root' account with nonempty password configured on the MySQL server.
Also, for the same reasons, the password of the user account needed to access the SMS database cannot be empty.
From web browser: go to the following link: http:///portal/mysql/setup.php
and follow the instructions (root access to the MySQL database is needed).
From Linux terminal: use the bash script provided in "[Install Directory]/mysql/" folder
(root access to the MySQL database is needed).

4. Configure PHP Script:
We now need to setup the primary configuration file that FreeSMS
requires to successfully administer the application. In the directory
"[Install Directory]/classes/" you fill find a file crc_constants.mod.php.
constants to reflect the connection parameters that need to be used when SMS
interacts with the MySQL database.

Once the file has been modified approprietly, you can now use one of the links
below to login into SMS, enjoy!

5. Start Using SMS:
To continue, please select the following resource link

I hope that you find this usefull. If you have any further questions or comments please
do not hesitate to check out the postings on the project page.
For those of you who would like to help out, we are looking for
volunteers on this project, please send us an email.

Thank You,


[email protected]

You can also watch how to setup the system

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