Mar 28, 2017

Trick To Send Executable (.exe) files from GMail or Any File Type Extension

Welcome t guidetricks tutorial,  Gmail is the best Mailing service. It provides us a lot of features and in very simple way. We can send unlimited emails from it. Many times, we need to send files, important documents, images so we can attach our files here too. But what if you want to send MP3 Music files, Video files, software from your GMail ? GMail has a very powerful mail scanner. Whenever you uploads a file, GMail scans it for viruses. If it is infected, Google Mail will try to remove it and if it can’t do this, it will not let you to send the attachments. Mostly it happens with your software, program’s executable (.exe) files. Whenever you try to attach it with your email, Google reports an alert : This is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file. You can’t even send them by compressing them to archives. As GMail Scanner can scan almost many Archive format files .zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz so you can’t do trick. But, sometimes we need to send .exe files. So, here are some very simple ways by which you can trick the Google Mail scanner and send any file format that you want to send.

 1. Using Free File Hosting Services There are many free file hosting online services available which lets you upload any file on their server. The most popular services are : MediaFire, RapidShare, FileFactory etc. They store your files in clouds and gives you the public link of that file to download. So, when you get your file’s public link, just send it from your GMail.

 2. For Single .exe File GMail denies attachments having .exe files. So, you can simply change the file type extension like if I want to send avast.exe, then I can simply rename its file extension to avast.exe.removeme.

 3. For Bulk .exe files If you want to send a lot of executable files from GMail then you can compress them to archive format and then in the same way as I mentioned above, you can rename the archives.

 4. Using Advanced Compression Techniques However, GMail can scan a lot of archive format files but there are still a lot of archive formats that they can’t identify. Like, our favorite compressing format .rar. These are currently not supported y GMail Virus Scanner. So, you can use it. It is very strong probability that GMail will support this popular compression file format. For this, you can try splitting .rar files to many parts (.r1,.r2,.r3,etc.). These all are very easy and simple techniques by which you can send your favorite file format file. Though all are equally effective but I recommend you to use the 1st Method mentioned here i.e., Using Online Free File Hosting Services because all of the other violates the Google Policies in some way. So, you might end up with banned GMail account which you probably don’t wants. hope you found this post very interesting please share with your friends
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