Hey! I’m Muhamamd Abba Gana, popularly known as AbbaGana with a nickname called “Bana” which simply means father, a blog Scientist by mind and a passionate blogger by heart fountainhead of guidetricks and Be-with-Me Software, I’m a freelance writer, internet speaker, information marketer, web and software developer, author and professional blogger.

I am twenty something year old guy from jimeta, Adamawa State, Nigeria. I was born in a year 1990’s at FGGC Yola Staff quarters, both my father and mother where teachers, I grow up in a good family with different care than others because  I am the only male child before, I attended my primary school at Federal Government Girls Collge, Yola and after my father got transfer to FGC Ganye, we now migrate from our normal location to somewhere else I actually called it a “New World” I continue my secondary school at OLD G.R.A Yola, and later when I finished my Jss 3 I got an admission to Senior Secondary School which I attended Hayatu Iyawa College Yola as Science Student, I now find myself as a village guy because some new things have been introduced to me which I have never known before and I found them very hard to learn those are physics and chemistry as life goes I try all my best to see that I have finished with good credit and god help me I eventually pass but definitely up-till Date I still hate those subjects without strong reason. After writing my Waec and Neco I pass all the subject needed and I got admission into Federal College of Education Yola I am studying computer science right now I am in the final year.

            Throughout my life I hate seating with group of people discussing unnecessary things exchanging of words or talking about football or similar things that won’t achieve me anything I always make myself busy by making research in the internet apart from internet I published some books, I like designing of websites developing of software’s an application that would really help people in their day to day activities.       
I make living with my laptop and can work from anywhere I find myself (as long as there is a power supply and a reliable internet connection).

My aim with this blog is to help people around the world as I realize their dreams of setting up successful online businesses and making money online.

To achieve this aim, I share in details my own stories and experiences if I have succeeded at something you can learn about it here.


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